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Started by Peter, September 22, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

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Is there a way to get passed P2P's borrower algorithm and be able to talk to an underwriter to provide income documents?  I received an automatic "deny".  I make a very good income without a lot of debt and I am extremely capable of paying off my loan.

I'm in need of a funeral loan for $13500.  I have been with my healthcare system over 11 years; I have lived at 2 addresses in the last 12 years....meaning I am a stable individual.  I started out making $14/hr and I am now at $36/hr.  Nine of those 11 years I was a single mother to my son (with minimal child support) and I financially took care of my OPIAD addicted mom.  She took her own life last August and I need to pay my brothers back my portion of her funeral (they both have lost their jobs due to COVID).  I have an extremely low credit score because I don't have any revolving debt.  I do have, however, a loan my mom took out without my knowledge (I am currently working on getting that removed) that went into collections. 

I realize all of this was TMI, but any information is greatly appreciated.   


Unfortunately, these online loan places have to depend on things like credit score, as they don't have the manpower to do individualized underwriting.  I doubt that you can get thru to a person who can deviate from the rules.

Even banks, which appear to have people involved, are less flexible these days than they used to be.  You may need to find a lender who specializes in low-credit-score individuals.

I wish you good luck.

PS: Reasonable funerals don't cost $13,500, so that part of your story will sour any underwriter.


Thank you so much for your reply, Fred93! I'm 100% positive you're correct regarding the funeral cost. We were all in shock and looking back, we were extremely vulnerable at the funeral home. Balancing sibling's emotions and wishes, the cost of the casket, "real estate", service and headstone, it was a ridiculous total in cost:-(.


Years ago I was declined for a Prosper loan because my debt to income ration and revolving balances were too high. I did get to talk to an underwriter but it did not help I was still declined.

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