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P2P picks with recent Major Derogatory or Delinquent Amount

Started by Peter, August 14, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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I am a bit surprised that the Profit Maximizer (top 5%; D-F) picks some loans with recent (e.g. <= 24 months) "Months Since Last Major Derogatory" or loans with several thousand $ (e.g. $6K) in current "Delinquent Amount".

I would expect that those borrowers would not be as reliable as others?
Is it possible to automatically filter out those loans somehow?
I haven't tried BlueVestment yet, but can a filter be applied to P2P picks?


You can make any extra filter that you like on BV, if these bother you.

I have tested whether months since last major derogatory makes any difference above and beyond my standard correlates and it has not.

I cannot test current delinquencies as that data is not provided historically. In fact, LC only started showing it recently. I have to presume that the distribution of people we see today with these characteristics is similar to what it was in the past when we were blind to it. I do not let it bother me, even if there is some face validity to the idea that they might be higher risks. When the data comes in, I will adjust if necessary.


You can definitely combine my publication with additional filters on BlueVestment. I set up a friend that way (targeting D & E paper).


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