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How to Identify "Removed" Loans

Started by Peter, November 07, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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avid investor

Ok, API users, can you help me with this one?  Now that we get all of our notes back through the API, I noticed that my notes (by status) don't total to the browser's totals.  Then I realized why.  Those that I chose to fund that were never consummated (showing as "removed" if you plug the loan-id into the LC URL in a browser manually), still show in my notes as "in funding" or "in review", but in fact are dead because of the underwriting decision (or the borrower's unwillingness to play ball with underwriter requests).  The problem that I have is how to know when to "remove" those notes from my own system, since they of course don't appear in the notes retrieved from the API.  I don't want to have to continually download the massive loans file manually just to find the status of these, and they no longer post those loans promptly, anyway.  Anyone figured out a remedy?  I thought of using the "expiration date", but that's being removed, and would never result in timely info anyway.  I guess I could just check my "last updated" date and if it wasn't today and the loan was "In Review" or "In Funding", remove it.  It doesn't seem like a very foolproof logic however.


Well, it doesn't add up anyway.  In the Notes retrieved from the API, if I ignore all of the notes that I have in my database that are not referenced in the API, I still get over $500 total outstanding in LC's Notes retrieved more than what shows in the browser as "Issued and Current".  All of the late and default categories match to the penny.  I can't balance with their Issued and Current category no matter how I try.


Ok, I unraveled the mystery.  And yes, I am aware that so far I am having a conversation with myself.  There's another bug with the API.  When you download your notes from the browser, you will see a category not found on the website: "Issuing".  Apparently notes that are crossing over from "In Review" to "Issued".  The problem is that the API returns these notes in "Issued".  You don't see a note status of "Issuing" in the notes the API returns.  It would be nice if the data the API returns matched the data on the website.  Once I calculated my own "Committed Cash" total (rather than relying on the one returned in the Account Summary query), I found it was actually $500 lighter than what the Committed Cash figure showed.  At least it balances, but what a PIA.


Congrats on figuring it out.

Please report this and any other API inconsistencies to LC, so that we may all benefit from getting it fixed.



I have reported quite a few already, Fred.  Still waiting on the LastPaymentDate issue to be fixed.  All records are returned with today's date.

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