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Charge off percentages.

Started by Peter, May 22, 2015, 11:00:00 PM

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Interested to know how well some of the investors here are doing when it comes to charge offs. I have a full array or loans spread across the entire rate spectrum. At this point I hold 6,010 notes of which a total of 279 have been charged off giving me a charge off percentage of 4.65%. All in all, I see this as a quite reasonable hit; considered in relation to the total amount of my funds having been invested. I use Automated Investing as well. How are the rest of you doing?" alt="8)" title="Cool" class="smiley" />


Seems like you need to factor into responses the "Weighted Average Age of Portfolio: x.x mos". Mine is still 5.2 because I'm still actively adding to it even tho it is like 14 months old. I'm at ~2.5% with ~3600 notes.  I've gotten more conservative over time as well (less D, E, and more A,B,C). Partially because there were not enough D,E to meet my criteria and input cash." class="bbc_link" target="_blank">" alt="" class="bbc_img" />


yes age of portfollio is probably the most important factor ...i had zero chargeoffs for the first 9 months...but had a couple of bk's that were going to be


I calculated this yesterday.  I'm right at 4% (actively sell FICO drops in Folio).  My ANAR is 10.65% currently with a weighted avg rate of ~14.5%.  Most of the charge offs come from periods where I don't get out ahead and sell notes before they go bad, because once they are in grace period I don't try to sell.

I went several years with 0 charge offs, until LC changed the selling notes that were going into Grace Period trick.

Rob L

Mine's at 4.25%.
ANAR 10.93%, weighted avg interest rate 17.03%, weighted avg age portfolio 14.7 mos, number of notes 6375 (of which 1275 are fully paid).
Charged off 270. Buy and hold; no Folio.


Mine are 8.85%.  This includes what IR reports for charge offs of sold notes, what LC reports as chargeoffs, and all the 31 day lates and defaults.  That's 854.
Age is 18.7 mos. average. ANAR, 17.45.  Weighted ave., 18.79. Total notes ever bought or sold are 9653.  Have never had a negative month for net income, but I worried about that so I stopped selling the lates at the end of January, 2015.  Now I'm more aware of the charge off effect. IRR according to Int. Radar is either 11.08 or 11.68.


Nice work, Rob!" alt=";)" title="Wink" class="smiley" />,3228.msg29010.html#msg88888888Quote"> from: Rob L on May 23, 2015, 05:32:50 PM


Mine is very high, near 10%." alt=";)" title="Wink" class="smiley" /> 

However, this was due to some Late120 notes I bought from Folio for ~5 cent on the dollar.  Many of them got charged-off eventually, but some went Current.


Wow, u guys have really lo charge off rates.  Mine is 17.4% but ANAR is 10.32% with age of 25mo.  I really don't pay attention to charge offs, only IRR, which is 11.5% for this account based on monthly cash flows since 2012. I don't expect this level of returns going forward given the cycle and lower LC rates.


Your charge off rates sound a lot more like mine. I have 3655 "Notes at a Glance", 257 "Fully Paid", and 218 "Not Current Notes", which includes 74 "Charge-Offs", 56 in "Grace Period", 18 "Late 16-30 Days", 70 Late "31-120 Days". My not current notes as a percentage of all notes makes my charge off percentage 5.96%.

Of course, not all of the notes that are late and those in the grace period will charge off, but a fair amount will. The average age of my portfolio is 10.3 months. My weighted average interest rate is 16.30%, and my ANAR is 11.63%.


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