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BlueVestment and Interest Radar to Merge

Started by Peter, January 02, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Here's Nathan's letter:

Dear Valued BlueVestment Customer,

We're very pleased to announce that BlueVestment and Interest Radar (IR) have agreed to merge, effective June 13th, 2015.  Our name will remain BlueVestment and IR's founder, Ricardo Basto, will join the BlueVestment team as our Chief Credit Officer. We have selected the BlueVestment as our future platform and we intend on sunsetting IR as key functionality is added to BlueVestment.

As you may know, Interest Radar is one of the leading Lending Club automation tools and Ricardo has built a very rich set of tools for Lending Club investors including:

- Proprietary credit models
- Returns modeling
- Fast auto-investment
- Auto-selling on Folio
- Portfolio tracking and metrics

While we bring the two platforms together, our primary focus is you.  We're committed to making BlueVestment the best tool for Lending Club investors and in the coming months you'll see several big enhancements.

BlueVestment is getting a facelift.  We're very close to launching an all new design with more portfolio metrics, easier navigation & email alerts. Along with this, we are super excited to bring to everyone:

- Implementing the Interest Radar credit models
- Adding Folio auto-selling and auto-buying
- Adding an Advisor dashboard for our RIA customers

We'll be keeping you informed of the merger's progress but if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Nathan or Jon.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

Very sincerely,

Nathan Marcos                          Jon Pildis
Founder                                     Director
[email protected]        [email protected]


Posting the same thing in multiple places is never a good idea


My bad, didn't read the other because it had the same title.


I noticed the difference because I compared them to the email I received.  I have too much time, or it's my nitpicking nature." alt=":-X" title="Lips sealed" class="smiley" />


P2P-Picks only did 36 month notes.  As I recall there were not enough 60 month notes that were paid off to do statistical analysis (in Bryce's opinion).

Can the BlueVestment team speak to what BluePicks (BPModerate/BPAggressive) supports?  And if the two terms (36m/60m) were independently tested?

I realized you can pick BPM or BPA along with a 60 month 'term' in the interface but it was not clear on anything I've seen/read if BluePicks picks 60 month notes. TIA


1. BlueVestment used to offer p2p-picks. Now there is something called BluePicks.
a. Is that based on p2p-picks or on IR-scores or are the two models now somehow combined? It seems to be based on p2p-picks based on the info on the website ""The BPM model includes the A, B & C graded notes that have the lowest probability of charge-offs. This will compare very closely to P2P-Picks Loss Minimizer ")
However, if it is based on IR-scores, according to the poster below, then:
b. Can you tell me how it relates to the IR01 & IR04 scores (I am trying figure out how to convert my current strategy)?
c. Why is p2p-picks not offered anymore?

2. If I understand correctly, only the BlueVestment website will be active after the merge?
a. If so, will it contain the features of IR?
b. For example, will I be able to back-test (e.g. using BluePicks and additional filters)?
c. Is there an update on the date for the merge? 

3. How will the pricing work for current IR members?
a. Will we get a (prorated) credit for current subscription fees?
b. Will the IR subscription be auto renewed if due before the merge?


OK, maybe they have not updated the info on their website then. It still says:
"The BPM model includes the A, B & C graded notes that have the lowest probability of charge-offs. This will compare very closely to P2P-Picks Loss Minimizer "


I am simply pointing out that they refer to P2P-picks when they describe their BluePicks model. Thus, it seems that it is somehow based on the P2P-picks model.

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