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Prosper New FICO updates

Started by Peter, August 09, 2015, 11:00:00 PM

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Check your Prosper Folio notes.  We finally have FICO updates to May 2015.  So now I am only two months behind again.  At least I am not six months behind anymore, which is nice, I guess.


Sweet baby jesus!  FICO scores have been updated to June 2015!  It is only September and we are lucky enough to get FICOs updated to within 3 months of the current date!  MMMMM...boy!  They sure are on the ball now!  I got notes for sale, get them while they are hot!


Another nasty email and about two weeks later I got FICOs updated to Sept 2015.  I really don't understand why this doesn't happen automatically.  I also don't understand why they didn't update through Nov 2015 at least.  These are fields in a database that need to be synced with fields in another database.  Are the software people at Prosper really having a hard time getting this to work?  We have plenty of coding talent on this board to give them a hand in this if they really are having an issue.

It can't be because they are too busy because there hasn't been a material update in the investor side of the website for months, years?  What happened to the year of the investor?  2015 is quickly coming to an end.  I might be divesting myself of Prosper.  I am buying a house that will require renovations and I am starting to think plowing my Prosper money into that will be a better return.


We got a Christmas Present!  Prosper updated FICO scores through November!  Hell must have frozen over!

However, I get an error listing certain notes, I am not sure why.  Anyone have any ideas?  I will probably wind up calling Investor Relations.

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