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good news finally

Started by Peter, July 22, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Half Right

LendingClub gains after new hire

    Formerly global COO for BlackRock's iShares, and then head of BlackRock's San Francisco office and head of iShares Global Markets and Investments, Patrick Dunne takes over as LendingClub's (NYSE:LC) chief capital officer.
    He will focus on the most critical part of the company's turnaround effort, says BTIG's Mark Palmer: Convincing investors to return to its platform, while also attracting new sources of capital to fund loan growth.
    "Dunne could serve an important role not only in shoring up LendingClub's investor base, but also contributing to the development and launch of new verticals from the company's marketplace platform."
    Shares +2.45% premarket


Interesting.  I don't know if this is a sign of things to change, or trying to just get better with institutional money.  I don't know the Blackrock  business well enough to really understand that person's experience.  Maybe they are thinking of getting more creative with funding?  Guy certainly seems impressive

Rob L

He has one seriously impressive CV. BA economics at Berkeley, MS Management from Stanford ending up (before LC) at the age of 47 CEO of BlackRock asset management (the big leagues). Probably boils down to the credibility he's built with his peers and his ability to build a case for them to take another look at LC. On paper at least it certainly looks like a very good move by LC. I'll be rooting for him from the bleachers. Time will tell.


We want a BRV. But it will never happen because they don't give a damn about us.


What does BRV mean?

And, we went for several weeks without very man G, F and E loans and now there are dozens of those loans available.


Institutional investors and clients of LC Advisors seem to get what they need.




NEW LOANS:   | 7970.eth 0.349 Ξ | 8033.eth 0.349 Ξ | 5033.eth 0.349 Ξ | ALL