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Aggressive strategy - and 33% A notes?

Started by Peter, August 11, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Set LendingRobot (using Automated mode) to fairly aggressive, the most aggressive 8.0% (4/5th of the way over to the right on the slider).  And LR buys 1/3rd of my notes with Grade A (expected return of 3.78%).   I contemplated earlier using the Advanced mode to filter out top-grade notes but assumed the slider would properly interpret my request for an aggressive portfolio with high return notes.  I didn't want to get into Advanced because I thought it would be more complicated to specify my risk threshold across multiple variables.  But I'm a little disappointed LR went so conservative with Automated mode aggressive setting.


That is odd.

I am currently set to mildy aggressive and it buys some D and E type notes, but counters it with some A notes to create its mild aggressive strategy looks like.

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