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Manufactured Spending

Started by Peter, September 19, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Hey everyone so yesterday I responded to a thread on here about p2p crowdfunding. I discussed a concept of manufactured spending that I have found to be great for me. I was wondering what everyone here uses for manufactured spending. Like I said, I know a bit about it and would like to either help inform people or learn more myself here.


What is "manufactured spending" ?


Collect rewards from multiple sources with only one spending.

Hypothetical example: Buy a gift card of certain amount, get 5% more amount on the gift card. Use credit card to buy that gift card, get 5% as cash back on credit card. Use a credit card that was offering 5% cash back if you spend certain amount in a certain period, so on and on ...

Few years ago, Lending Club used to allow transfer of funds in to new account using credit card and offered incentives for funding account. People were able to create a reward chain with that. OP might be hinting on manufacturing spending with his platform."> from: Fred93 on September 02, 2016, 02:43:02 PM


AnilG was spot on with his example. There are few other crowdfunding platforms that allow you to practice different forms. An example of one could be using your credit card to purchase inventory on consignment for a brand. Obviously you would want to choose the card with the best rewards for what you want. Back to the example though, with this inventory your purchased, you would have a payback schedule so you could determine you payments prior to maximize your rewards.

Now the way this falls into MS is say you used a card that offers 5% cashback to purchase inventory with an earned profit of 10% over 1 month (completely unrealistic) and purchased $10,000 worth of inventory. With this example an time frame you're expecting to have $11,000 earned profit. That would allow you to pay off $10,000 worth of credit, get $500 from the cashback and still make $1,000 from the earned profit. Disclaimer: This is just an example, I know that there is no way a platform could offer this, which would also be like 120% annualized. 

Now that's the basis for the platform I use. I was hoping with this thread to find other ways or maybe even some other cards that people use.


How did this turn into an affiliate link thread to kickfurther?


That was done by me, i actually deleted the link so that its true to topic. As i did state in my last message though, everyone has provided pretty good information. I can post referral links to multiple sites if anyone is wanting to practice MS like i've done. If not  let still carry on this conversation! Everyone posted some good resources so far!


Yeah but it was clickbaited.  Your sentence and the link were completely unrelated.


You're nitpicking. I clicked the link and found it to be information that I could use. I don't remember the exact language the OP used but it was enough to get my attention. Also besides the OP who was talking about Ms as a whole an his experience with his companies MS, it wasn't focused on Kickfurther. It wasn't until you asked why it was focused on Kickfurther that I thought it was! 


Maybe what we saw was different.  I was at a sign up page to give us each $5.  It was laid out like hey go read this article.  Or at least I read it as such.


No you're right, I posted a referral link. The link contained learning information underneath because I realized people may want to see information. I wanted to provide the info that was available when your scrolled. Once again my apologies.


This all sounds a little scammy. Maybe you should take it to another website.


yeah about moving it... no.  I liked this conversation here. You shared links, the others shared links,Op shared links,  it all worked well till someone complained.

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