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Where did all the loans go?

Started by Peter, August 07, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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# of new loans of platform has decreased materially in the last few days.  Any idea why?


This seems to occur periodically. Give it a few more days.


It always decreases when I add money to my account. :-/

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Seems little/no panic selling on Folio either. Starting to see money pile up and when I check Folio manually there's nothing good there.

Guess that means things are getting back to normal?

Edward Reid

Very strange. As of this moment (9:31 EDT, 6:31 PDT) there are 751 loans available. That's a lot. All are class A, B, and F. Not a single C, D, or E. Obviously LC is intentionally skewing the class distribution, not the total supply. I have no idea why.



it's been slow. I haven't had a loan meet my criteria since the 19th. For fractional loans, there are currently 747
A: 352
B: 337
F: 58

top 3 sub grades
A5: 100
B4: 95
A1: 79

I don't remember A1's being so popular before...I guess folks who don't need loans are getting loans?
This appears to be the usual slowness at the end of the month and then things magically pick-up at the start of the month. They are probably holding loans back for the start of the month when new money comes around. 


There are a few CDE loans tonight. Still mostly AB.



Ok, just checked, now on all of the platform, there are only 37, yes, 37 loans!!!
Would be nice of LC to inform and be transparent for their future...
Especially to their investors, who have stuck w/them, especially, the retail investors, like us:)
Awaiting thoughts. Thank you.


LC is not releasing new loans to retail platform on weekends for now couple of weeks."> from: Hrant on August 07, 2016, 04:10:53 PM


Hi, new to this forum.  I'm only seeing 22 Loans today on Lending Club!  Is this right or do I have too many filters on?



Welcome!  22 is right, since before 5 P.M. last night.  Not a problem caused by your filters--just hang on, there'll be more by a day or two from now.


Thanks!  Will keep looking...


LC posts loans 4 times per day.  I think there must be a new fellow in charge of this for the last few months, as they don't take as much care to maintain inventory levels in the fractional market as they used to.  In any case, the pattern now is that most postings are small, and the weekday afternoon postings are the big ones.  It is as if the guy has it set on automatic, ie just post a tiny number, and then he steps in once per weekday, and opens the gate.

It would be better for fractional investors if they paid attention to the inventory level.  You'd like to know that whenever you login, there's a fair chance that you can do some business.  I'll send in this suggestion.

This chart shows the number of loans posted at each feeding time.  I've shown the total number of loans posted, including both whole and fractional.  The line is a 7 day moving average of the dots, so you can see the trend." alt="" class="bbc_img" />


How can I learn about fractional vs whole investing in LC, Prosper, etc?  Do I have that as an option as a retail investor? Or is that only for Institutional clients?

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