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Anyone else having issues getting the Lending Robot site to load?

Started by Peter, October 17, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Tried it from my home connection and cellular from my Ipad- not loading. Gets a white screen and stops.


Lending Robot appears to be having issues right now- site is timing out loading and earlier I had several sales that had completed but not restarted as they are recurring sales. I manually recreated one of them, and while trying to fix the other one, the site stopped responding and now will not load.

Anyone else seeing similar issues?


Yeah it was down for a while- tried again just a few minutes ago and it was real slow but finally loaded. Went back in and finished the things I was trying to do.
Probably means I'll need to keep more of an eye on it for a while..." alt=":-" title="Undecided" class="smiley" />


We've done some database maintenance that brought the website to a halt.
Sorry for that, everything is back to normal now.


As a followup- it took about 10 hours yesterday before my stuck sales completed and recurred. Same for the note sales that were stuck in a cancelling state. Not real happy that I lost out on 10 hours of sale activity. I hope this was a one time thing and not an indicator of things to come.

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