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Automated Investing Issues

Started by Peter, March 05, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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I recently suspended automated investing on my account. I was experiencing heavy losses and I changed my allocation to remove the higher risk loans. Some investments were made after that but investments in less risky loans was still below the target and investments in higher risk loans was over the target. I contacted support and was told to just invest more so it would "rebalance".

Is anyone else suspicious that automated investing is not working correctly?


It was pretty far out of balance before I suspended investments. As much as 20 percentage points I believe.


Can you provide any more detail such as screenshots or your contact with LC so it can be verified by people on the forum? It doesn't make sense that you should have to invest more for it to balance unless the dollars are very small.


I should have taken a screen shot of the mix before I changed it. I still believe that it was out of balance toward the more risky loans.

I am now only investing in As and Bs and settling for the 3% projected returns. From the historical estimate, I was expecting 5%. I wonder if the platform is considered an easy target for people who plan to default. I have received over $300 in interest but my projected account value only includes $78 of that in my balance. Well over 10% of the loans are in late, the grace period or charged off. Very disappointing.

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