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Anyone else seeing strong recovery so far in March?

Started by Peter, March 14, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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nope, got at least 15 loans getting charged off starting this month going into April,  most stopped making payments at 10-14 months, right on time.

This is out of 645ish active loans.


Yes, I have noticed a stabilization in my adjusted return in the last 2 weeks or so after no new investing for about 6 weeks now.  but not sure if too early to say the worst is over.  Hopefully they will raise rates some to stem the rifis.  LC really needs to split the 2nd orig fee with lenders when refi their own loans out from under us.

Debt Free

7 charge offs in Jan, only 1 in Feb on one of my 6 accounts.  But pretty much the average across each of them.


No recovery for my account. Stabilization, at best.


Some took the beating in Dec., I took mine in Jan. And it has only been roses since.
But getting a couple warming up to be sold on FOLIO due to them mailing their payments in.


Sorry if I was too "general".  Across 6 accounts utilizing similar filters with 2926 notes (net of Paid and Charge Offs), I had 23 charge offs in Jan and 12 charge offs in Feb.

Yes some loans are across multiple accounts and some charge offs were "duplicated"." alt=":o" title="Shocked" class="smiley" />

NEW LOANS:   | 7970.eth 0.349 Ξ | 8033.eth 0.349 Ξ | 5033.eth 0.349 Ξ | ALL