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Manual Update fails. New URL for version check?

Started by Peter, April 18, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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I cannot manually update my PLS virtual machine. It tell me "Unable to obtain version information". Upon digging, it turns out that the DropBox URL for version.txt in /usr/local/bin/ is no longer valid.

What is the latest version of PLS?
Anyone knows that the correct URL for version.txt is?


Unfortunately, Dropbox has made a system update recently that has disabled sharing of files (URLs of the past no longer work  because of different address).  This has disabled the ability to automatically update PLS (as well as a couple of other verification checks).  Fortunately, there has not been any updates to PLS recently and you are likely on the latest version.  You can always download the latest from if not. 

BTW, I have been working on a newer system with the help of another benevolent user to create the next release.  We are doing this in our spare time and will likely take a while to finish.  We will let everyone know when the next version is to be released.


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