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Started by Peter, July 07, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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Does anyone know why Prosper hasn't released any loan data to since 9/30/2016. They say that they release it quarterly, but we're getting close to being a year with no updates. doesn't have the data and I don't know of any other website besides that has any loan data. I like Prosper, but they seem to be doing everything they can to run off individual investors.


I believe the data is available at" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">  Its probably a pain for NSR to reconcile the latest data since the data fields all changed earlier this year.


If the data is out there, is there some reason isn't using any data after 9/30/2016? Since Lend Academy is associated with," class="bbc_link" target="_blank">, I'm hoping someone from their company will see this and reply. It shouldn't be so hard to be able to do some backtesting. I think it's just weird that Prosper doesn't host some backtesting tool themselves on Again, it's like they want to do whatever they can to discourage individual investors.


The current situation is a horrible shame.  The NSR backtesting tool is so good, and one can learn a great deal from it.  The fact that it isn't being updated is a great loss.

Reading between the lines, I believe there are legal issues.  I haven't been able to get NSR to come out and say it, or to say anything at all about this.  I do know that in the past Prosper put various restrictions on folks like NSR who gave out results computed from the database.  Let me be explicit about the fact that I don't have the full story here, or much of any story, because the principals haven't been talking.

Prosper management has a history of making a series of decisions about things like this with which ... lets just say I think have been really bad decisions.  You may have read various stories about the head guy leaving recently.  All the articles praised his leadership, but there is the possibility that he will be replaced by someone with a better vision and better understanding of the technology aspects of his business.


Thanks Fred93 and Bpoole99 for the info. I sure hope Bo, Michael, Rocco or Peter from see this and chime in. I just hope it's an oversight on the part of If it is at Prosper's decree, I will lose even more faith in them. They can't really expect everyone to download their data and sift through it if they happen to want to create a filter or manually buy a few Notes. People usually want to make informed purchases.


Very strange news.  After querying NSR multiple times over several months, I got a terse response today saying sorry for the delay, the data was updated yesterday.

Sure enough.  Now has originations thru 4/28/17.


Thanks Fred93 for keeping on them. It's a shame NSR isn't more responsive. I hope they keep it up so we don't have to go through all this again real soon.


And Prosper's latest SEC reports show they are the ones that were profitable last quarter (not LC). Perhaps despite the turbulence they are doing something right? Everyone always knocked Prosper and favored LC on this forum (or so it seemed), but my Prosper returns have always done better than my LC returns (yes, even with the egregious return miscalculations aka "rategate"). Go figure.


Prosper had a $41 million loss last quarter and is on pace for at least $100 million in losses for the year.


It would be interesting to know which of those two statements is right. Either Prosper is starting to right the ship or they are still hemorrhaging money.


Prosper says they release loan data every quarter, but NSRPlatform is almost a year behind again. Like I've previously said, I like Prosper, but they seem to be doing everything they can to run off individual investors. I still can't decide if I should give them my IRA contribution again this year or not.


Unfortunately, I decided to not make my or my wife's 2017 IRA contribution to Prosper. I wanted to, but NSRPlatform, a division of Lend Academy, made the decision for me. I have repeatedly asked NSRPlatform, over almost a year's time frame, to get the loan data of Lending Club and Prosper updated. Lending Club data is current as of 3/31/2017 and Prosper data is current as of 4/28/2017. There is no other place to back test filters for either company. I've talked to both companies and they both verify that they are releasing their data. I talked to NSRPlatform and was told that they want to provide data transparency for all investors, but it's a low priority. I was shocked too. What they actually said was that other things were a higher priority, that's the same thing. That's $13,000 to Schwab instead of Prosper. I just can't justify investing more money into something right now when I can't get access to recent loan data.

Also, it just looks very amateurish/suspect when you go to NSRPlatform's homepage and see that the data is way out of date and Prosper's Loan Availability Index, a pod that shows streaming loan data as loans are released for investment, isn't working. That stopped working a while ago and it just sits there all empty. Lending Club's is right next to it and it works, making Prosper's blank one look that much worse.


Just wanted to clarify on your comment about data... i just went to NSR and it appears they now have recent data.  Am I reading this incorrectly?

Date Import Details
Section   Description   Updated At
Prosper Issued   Historical Loan Data   06/30/2018 07:04:44 EDT
Lending Club Issued   Historical Loan Data   06/30/2018 03:27:09 EDT
Prosper Active Listings   Active Listings   07/26/2017 14:25:03 EDT
Lending Club Active Listings   Active Listings   06/30/2018 16:20:02 EDT
Prosper Secondary Listings   FolioFN Listings   06/30/2018 16:24:01 EDT
Lending Club Secondary Listings   FolioFN Listings   05/10/2018 07:40:02 EDT


No, you are correct. I wish they would have kept it up all along and not been so unresponsive to our requests.

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