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NSR Invest / Lending Robot email: The First 90 Days

Started by Peter, October 24, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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Perhaps they liked the LendingRobot name vs NSR Invest as the email is 'Summer from LendingRobot'.  As well Summer is now titled as the president vs 'Director of Investor Success' via" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

The bolded point below is perfectly unclear to me. Perhaps they did it on purpose to start a question/answer/query session.  It at first sounds like they wouldn't add NSR analytics to LR but then they talk about the direction away from self manged to fully managed. Then the last sentence would indicate they may not want to do the existing LR self managed (rules) on LendingRobot or they are just referring to not wanting to do NSR analytics on LR.

from: Summer from LendingRobot <[email protected]>
Dear <snip>,

November 1, 2017, marks 90 days since NSR Invest acquired LendingRobot and we want to share our progress with you.  The first 90 days consisted of three phases:

Phase one: basic housekeeping
Phase two: technological analysis
Phase three: implementation

In phase one, we focused on streamlining LendingRobot's accounting, operational, and administrative processes.  I am happy to report we made great strides here and are now able to focus our efforts on improving the technology and investor experience.

Phase two kicked off a detailed analysis of the current calculation methods, algorithms, and logic behind the LendingRobot and NSR Invest platforms.  Our goal is to understand which methods reign supreme and employ only those on our platforms.  We are finalizing this review and expect to start implementing changes within the next 6 weeks.

Phase three is the culmination of phases one and two.  We have started implementation of key features for the LendingRobot Series, including the ability to make partial withdrawals.  We are now testing features for our Classic investors and will share those details in the coming weeks.

We've had great feedback from our investors during the first 90 days and I'd like to share the two most frequently asked questions:

1. Will the NSR and LendingRobot platforms be combined?
Yes. We will combine both platforms soon, but our first objective is quality control. We are currently wrapping up a thorough comparison of each system so we can leverage the best features from each in the upcoming consolidation.

2. Will NSR analytics be available on the LendingRobot platform?
Not Likely.  We are conducting a thorough market analysis to better understand the demand for the NSR analytics features.  Our tools served an important service in the past half-decade during the industry's development, but our purpose has changed materially as investors have switched to a fully-managed solution.  We are not convinced that the resources required to maintain these features on the LendingRobot platform are justified.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Please take a moment to reply to this email and help me better understand the things you love and opportunities for improvement on the LendingRobot platform.  YOU are the key to our success.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Summer Tucker

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