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Interview with Reinvest24 CEO

Started by Peter, June 03, 2019, 11:00:00 PM

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anybody investing on Reinvest24? I've just started to test the platform.

I'm glad Tanel Orro agreed to share his thoughts about the platform with me and my blog readers.

How long does it usually take to fund a project? Do the investors start earning once it's fully funded?

It depends, mostly regarding to the funding target and the potential returns. The fastest we have fully funded a project was 6 days, but in most case 1-2 months. So far all our development projects offer interest from the day one. It is a lot harder to achieve this with our rental projects (since the returns are coming from the rental yield), but we have achieved this with Vinkli 10, which is currently 68% funded – the rental income for our investors will start from 01.06 (first payout in July).

Landplot project states that earnings start June 2019, does it mean the investors get part of the profits even if it is not fully funded? What happens if the project is not funded by July and an investor invests then? Does the investor gets income from June too without taking the risk?

Yes you are correct, but we are more then sure that this property will get fully funded within June.

Reinvest24 is not regulated. How do you ensure the transparency for the investors of the platform and SPVs?

Like other crowdfunding platforms in Estonia, we don't have or need to be regulated. There are no obligations for audits, but it is our free will to have regular audits conducted by licensed auditors. Transparency is very important to us and we are constantly seeking ways to improve it. All our properties are operated through separate SPV ́s, these Estonian company's have annual reports publicly available, which we will also upload to the property documents. The regulations will most likely come in the near future and we are already preparing for that.

I would rather not want to speculate about the upcoming regulations. But I am more than sure that it will bring investment caps per projects for the investors. For platforms it will bring a lot more reporting and most likely obligation for audits. All together we hope that it will bring more transparency and confidence for the investors.

Review and full interview can be found" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">here.

Jessica King

Interesting article. You wrote about Reinvest24, but I'd like to mention another platform, it is good enough, to my opinion. I'm talking about" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> At least, it hasn't disappointed me yet (and hope will not). Maybe someone is looking for a crowdfunding platform, so it would be useful for them.

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