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Suggestions Thread

Started by Peter, February 15, 2013, 11:00:00 PM

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I thought I would open the new forum with a suggestion thread.


First changes that I would like to suggest are changes to the loan display. 

1) A P2P assigned number -- just so that I have a historical track of my selections -- this number should follow through the system from first click to final billing.

2) Loan Grade -- I have limited funds to invest. With all other variables the same, I would rather invest in a D4 than a D1

3) Loan Purpose -- I unilaterally will not invest in some loan categories i.e. Business, Medical, Moving, Vacation or Other.  As an alternative, in my profile, give the option of filtering out these type of loans.   



Thanks for the feedback! I will take some notes on these things as we continue with the beta and get feedback from all users.

Did you know that you can view your entire picks history under your account tab? A unique identifier could be included there without much trouble.

We use some technology on the picks list to filter out loans in which you have already invested, so that's why when you "Go" it disappears from that page; I want to ensure that you don't get billed twice for something you already paid for. If you were somehow unable to use the link, you can "Go" again for free on your account history page.

My primary goal is to keep things simple and powerful for the user. There's not much reason to worry about the sub-grade or even the actual interest rate, because if two loans are on the picks list, they are expected to perform roughly the same. If one is a D4 it probably has a little more risk than a D1, so that if you owned hundreds of each kind, the returns would be expected to be equal across both sub-grades.

Similarly, because loan purpose is already in the model, there's not much reason to stress further over it, either. The very rare small business loan that's on the list is expected to perform about the same as any other pick. When I need to buy into 50 loans, I just buy every pick on the list (with some very rare exceptions).


Just wanted to share some of my thoughts here.

Bryce – thanks for the Pick Tips.  Tip #6 got me looking around and I figured out I could adjust my tab setting under Tools – Internet Options to get the "Go" hyperlinks to open in a new tab.  Makes the adding multiple notes in rapid succession very easy.

I have noticed that the updates seem to be about 15 minutes after the hour; I'm wondering if you'll roll that back closer to the hour once you go live.  I've seen some of the notes get 70-80% funded by the time they are picked up on P2P-Picks.  Not a huge issue since even if we miss out on a particular issue there will be another pool of notes available w/in 4-12 hours."> from: SBryantMS on February 16, 2013, 07:13:49 PM



Glad the tips were helpful.

The models are run every 15 minutes. I intend to change the time stamp on the picks list to be a simpler "this list is X minutes old." If you see a pick that is 80 funded already, it has been picked since it was listed in the platform, but you just missed it so far. Some picks are getting funded within a few hours. Amazing. Another change already implemented is not to display picks funded >90% because within 15 minutes sometimes they fill up. I don't want to charge people for dead links.

At the end of the day, if users want to avoid certain categories, I will probably try to add some additional information for their further filtering. It's under consideration.

Thank you thus far.

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