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Number of Available Loans During 24 hrs: Grades A-C and D-G

Started by Peter, March 06, 2013, 11:00:00 PM

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With the much lower number of notes available in the last few weeks (I used to see around 1,100 notes total vs around 500 now) I was curious to see how the Number of Available Loans varied throughout the day and night (times are PST):
GRADES A-C:" alt="" class="bbc_img" />
GRADES D-G:" alt="" class="bbc_img" />

1. Most loans are posted to the website at 6 AM (06:00) , 10 AM (10:00), 2 PM (14:00), and 6 PM (18:00). However there are two small additions at 2 AM and 10 PM as well (it has been consistent for the few days that I checked).         
2. Usually, the largest fraction of  new loans is posted at 6 AM (which is not surprising since most applicants may apply after work).         
3. As expected(?) the lower grade loans (D-G) are disappearing relatively faster than the higher grade loans (A-C); e.g. between 10 AM and 2 PM, D-G dropped by 73% while A-C dropped by 29% and between 2 PM and 6 PM, D-G dropped by 68% while A-C dropped by 29% .
4. It is interesting that most notes are purchased during the day rather than than in the evening (the rate of decline is much lower after the 6 PM addition). I wonder if this is because the institutional investors are picking up most of the notes during work-hours?

EDIT: I guess that the LC Prime purchases are also happening during work-hours, and this may partly contribute to the fast decay.


Very enlightening.  Thanks!
It's motivation to stop messing around from 7-8 (my 6-7 time here) and get to browsing!


With my site up and running, it's been fascinating to watch how fast the picks get gobbled up. Roughly half of the picks are 70% funded within 3-5 minutes, and almost all of them are gone before the next upload. Weekend / night is slower, consistent with this.

New Jersey Guy

Viking....Even though I can't buy off the Lending Club Platform, that's great research. 


Nice charts and great research!

Makes me thankful for my east coast location... at work with my computer ready to go at nine am...


Great analysis Viking - worthy of a post on the blog I think. Only a subset of my readers are on the forum. Can I use your charts in a post? Happy to credit you in any way you would like.
Publisher of the Lend Academy blog

See my returns here:


"Happy to credit you in any way you would like."

He enjoys sizeable amounts of cash.


Wow, great research.  It looks like early birds get the worms.


Really nice analysis Viking!  I'm glad to see that when I can check notes at night there's a higher likelihood of something being available.  Also really interesting that notes are getting published outside of the main 4 time slots.


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