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New administrator

Started by Peter, May 01, 2013, 11:00:00 PM

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I am pleased to announce that long time forum member zpbsfg has been appointed as an administrator for this forum. With the growth of the forum and the additional workload I have taken on this year it is no longer possible for me to monitor the forum as much as I would like. But I will also be staying as an administrator and still contributing as much as I can.

I have known zpbsfg for 2 1/2 years now and he has shown himself to be a valuable contributor here. He also happens to spend more time on this forum than just about any other member.

You won't notice much of a change other than a new title for him. I would also like to publicly thank him for agreeing to take on this (unpaid) role, I am sure he will help ensure a better experience for everyone.
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Congrats, zpbsfg!

Perhaps you can introduce a bit more of yourself?  Based on Peter's introduction, I know you are a "he"." alt=":)" title="Smiley" class="smiley" />

[Background: I recently had an email correspondence with a person named Morgan, and later I was informed that Morgan was actually a "she".]

Not that it matters, but as for Peter, at least we can see his face and the kinds of books he has (e.g., Alternadad)." alt="8)" title="Cool" class="smiley" />


Congrats  zpbsfg!

How do you pronounce your name?


Excellent! Peter needed some help to fork threads and move them when appropriate. Luckily, this is a pretty civil board.


ZPBSFG, don't forget us little guys" alt=":)" title="Smiley" class="smiley" />

You didn't answer the most pressing question though: dog or cat person?


Rawraw, in my eyes we're all still little guys - a very unfortunate situation" alt=":(" title="Sad" class="smiley" />

In regards to that very pressing question, I am definitely a dog person, how about yourself?


Dog person.  I think peace will be maintained on the forums" alt=":)" title="Smiley" class="smiley" />

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