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Entrepreneur wants to talk with borrowers and pay them $50

Started by Peter, May 07, 2013, 11:00:00 PM

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An entrepreneur based in New York City is looking to talk with borrowers who have successfully taken out loans with Lending Club or Prosper. He is willing to give a $50 gift card in exchange for your time. He is looking to find out the following:

How did they hear of LC/Prosper, did they apply on both sites, why did they pick one over the other and how was their overall application experience.  We are also interested in finding out if they use any websites or support groups to help them with their debt and manage money and if not would they find these type of tools valuable.

I know this entrepreneur personally and it is an obligation free discussion. This person just wants to understand the kinds of borrowers who are using p2p loans. If you are interested send me an email to peter (at) lendacademy (dot) com with the subject "Borrower interview".
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Peter, you may want to let him know LendingClub advertises through Mint.  I don't know if it is specifically suggested for debt consolidation, but it comes up several places on how to streamline financing.



Various information is very useful me. Kno has been profusely from what I read of this post.

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