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2nd chance to do right

Started by Peter, July 26, 2019, 11:00:00 PM

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Im 29 years old and just finally becoming a responsible adult. I've been weighed down by my depression for the last 13 years and am happy those days are behind me. During that time I did of course screw my life up a bit and am now trying to repair it. I only have about 3k in debt and it's keeping me from starting my life. If anyone would be interested in helping with a loan to help me out I would be forever grateful. I think 5k should be enough to pay off my debts and get a car for my mother so I won't stress on that either. I'll pay back with interest as much as I can. I work a min wage job and have 2 kids so I'll do my best. Thank you to anyone who takes time for me and hope you have a great and prosperous day.


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Why would 3K in debt keep you from "starting your life" ?  This is a relatively small amount.


You need to figure out how to get a higher paying job, or a 2nd job.  A single minimum wage job isn't enough to support a family. 

Your debt isn't the problem, and borrowing more likely isn't the solution. 

Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear.

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