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180% Annualized ROI for Secured Bridge Loan Back in 30 days or less!!!!!!

Started by Peter, October 05, 2019, 11:00:00 PM

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We are seeking a very temporary Bridge Loan, between $100k - $1,000,000, which will be securitized and due and payable within 30-days. 15% x 12 =  180% Annualized ROI!!!

Quick turnaround in 30 days or less
High ROI: 15% x 12 months = 180% Annualized ROI
Low risk / high reward
4 ways of securitizing money: More Secure Than Real Estate
1. Securitized against the value of guaranteed revenue
2. Securitized against the current binding contract due to come in by October 30th 2019
3. Securitized With a Company guarantee based on future revenues and their Intellectual Property
4. Securitized With a Personal guarantee from principal of company with full recourse


The loan is cash flow loan which will be used for day to day operations until the main funding comes in. Simple, there was a small delay in the delivery of our main capital for the film and now we need a simple capital injection to get us through. This opportunity is as secure of a private loan offering that I have ever seen and I have been in mortgage lending for 16+ years. In my opinion it is more secure than a loan against real estate. This is a simple bridge loan against the contractually binding funding for a high profile feature film with OSCAR WINNING ACTORS and further securitized by the inherent value of the distribution rights for this feature film. Additionally, it is backed by a company and personal guarantee, adding two more layers of protection for your money.
I want to be very clear: you are not investing in the film and honestly this is more about the contracts than the film. We have our $25,000,000 of funding in place, contractually obligated to arrive no later than 10/30/19. That's less than 30 days away. You are simply lending to the single purpose LLC that holds the rights to the film. We need some cash-flow right now before the main capital arrives from our investor as we are in pre-production. Again this is for a simple bridge loan against a tangible, valuable asset that can be easily monetized for recuperation of your loan. Much easier and much faster than a loan against real estate. We have an immediate need for money, you have money now, we have lots of money coming very soon. Simple.
Here is a base overview about the security to mitigate the risk and exposure of your lent funds.
Future Lien Against Revenue from the Sale of Foreign Distribution Rights – I can provide the projected foreign sales rights broken down by territory for this film based on the committed cast and key crew members on the film.  This shows that if the rights  were "pre-sold", before the completion of the film, they would be worth between $9,215,000 -  $19,840,000. That is real money that we could collect right now but it takes a few weeks to complete and we just don't have that kind of time and we have our funding in place so our goal is to retain the rights so we can sell them later when they are more valuable. These rights are a truly tangible item with value, just like a house is.

Current Legally Binding Contracts for Film Funding- we have signed contracts securitizing the $10,000,000 equity portion and the LOI showing that we have the additional line of credit for $15,000,000. This money is under contract to be sent to us by 19/30/19 and when it does we will pay you back in full plus ROI.

Production Guarantee – Our production company has revenues due to come in from past films and the value of our library of intellectual property, which we are willing to sign a guarantee against in order to provide additional protection.

Personal Guarantee – principal of company, me, is willing to sign and personal guarantee the return of your funds with full recourse.

This Loan can be considered more secure than a loan against Real Estate as any recuperation of funds process would be much faster than a foreclosure and recovery effort and yet still securitized by a low loan to value (LTV) portion against valuable assets.


This motion picture is poised for an Academy Award theatrical release. The film is starring three A-list actors who I will only divulge to true and bonafide individuals. These three actors' foreign value alone nearly covers the entire budget of the film, making this investment an extremely lucrative and low risk endeavor
The quality of the film will be of the highest caliber. with an award winning studio director and cinematographer who have signed on to direct this very rich story. This, combined with the seasoned producers ensure that this film's quality and creative storytelling will be at the highest echelon of Hollywood.

***I apologize for the ambiguity of this information but it proprietary and I must protect it. I promise you this is 100% real and verifiable and only those who are trustworthy will get this opportunity and receive the full amount of information.***


With a 15% ROI back in 30 days it is a 180% annualized ROI. Just from a financial standpoint this is an exceptionally lucrative investment. It is quadruple securitized by valuable and tangible instruments. Then, when you factor in the credibility and notoriety that this film is, you realize this is just one of those once in a lifetime opportunities you can't pass by.
Not to mention, this is a great film. It's a work of art that will be on this planet for as long as humans remain here. So many of our investments are just numbers and excel spreadsheet projections and data. It's boring. You make money, but it lacks a beneficial life experience. This is a chance to work with a Hollywood Legend who will stop working relatively soon making this your only chance in life to do be even remotely involved in a film like this. And here I am, not asking you for an equity investment that pays you years down the road in which the entire time your capital is exposed and at risk. No, I am offering you a securitized loan with a very high ROI and payback schedule of less than 30 days.
I'm sorry, there is only one conclusion: fund this loan.
Let's make a great film instead of just another spreadsheet attached to an email in some quarterly report you never read.

Rob L

"Why do you come to me? Why do I deserve this generosity?".
From The Godfather (1972), Paramount Pictures." alt="???" title="Huh" class="smiley" />" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">


In this case... with what I am offering ... the generosity is from me. Im temporarily using your money, you'd be getting a giant ROI and involvement in something that lives forever.



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