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Downloading and Filtering (New) Notes

Started by Peter, February 16, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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I have a lot of questions, comments and suggestions about PLS, but thought that I would start with the most 'trivial' issue first and I have some questions about 3 related buttons:

1.  "Browse Notes".
A. "Lending Club Notes" Window Closed:  The log shows that the notes are downloaded and the "Lending Club Notes" window opens up showing the Notes (as expected).

B. "Lending Club Notes" window Open: In this case, I get an error message "Please Close the Open Filter Window". I do not have any open filter windows!? I assume the message should say "Please Close the Lending Club Notes Window"? Why can't I update the notes with this window open? I now have to close it each time before updating.

2. "Start Service"
A. "Lending Club Notes" Window Closed: Looking at the Log, it also appears to download the Notes, but the  "Lending Club Notes" window doesn't open up. Note that the log shows two additional steps when using the "Start Service" button vs "Browse Notes": i) "Filtered xx of yy available loans"  and ii) Submit Order (or "submit order is disabled per configuration" as in my case). I assume that the filter step is accidentally left out of the "Browse Notes" log??

B. "Lending Club Notes" Window Open: In this case, the Notes are not updated in the "Lending Club Notes" window.  Furthermore the last two entries  i) "Filtered xx of yy available loans" and  ii) Submit Order (or "submit order is disabled per configuration" as in my case) are missing from the log.  Doesn't the service work if this window is open?

Also, what is the point of running the Service if "submit order is disabled"? It doesn't seem to do anything useful?

3. "Set Scheduled Service".  Instead of having to manually click on the "Browse Notes" button, I would like to use the "Scheduled Service" to automatically download the new notes when they become available. However, this is currently not possible w/o automatic investing; I get an error "Submit order must be set to yes..."  Note that if I close this window with the' X' rather than 'OK', the scheduler opens anyway!?

In summary, I would like to have the following functionality:

1.   Pressing the "Browse Notes" button should only open the "LC Notes" window and show the Notes from the last download (or update from a Service run).  An "Update" button on this window would download the current notes.  I should also be able to use the Scheduler to automatically refresh this window (in particular to use the feature to only download immediately following an increase in available note count)
2.   If "submit order is disabled" the "start Service" button should be grayed out (because it wouldn't do anything useful – unless I am missing something?).


Sorry for the delayed response:

1)  There is a limitation in the gui system in PLS.  Unfortunately, PLS requires you to close the previous window. I would have liked to been able to leave multiple windows open but unfortunately it wasn't possible

2)  The browse notes window is a separate process than start service.  The service is meant to be run automatically without browsing notes as in an automated fashion.  The start service icon is there to allow a user to manually run a service (non automated).  Having a browse window open on service start would lead to many windows open when automated.

2b) The browse notes window is updated only when you click browse notes (not start service).  The browse notes window simply lets you see what notes are currently available.  It does apply your filters which show in separate tabs.  However, not automatic order is placed

3) PLS is not designed to automate browsing notes.  Rather, it automates the ordering of notes.  The  browse notes is there for simple testing purposes.  Although, this would be a good idea for future versions (note on this below).

PLS is no longer being developed.  The current version will be the last version.  I am working on a new web / client platform that should address these issues.  Unfortunately, PLS is not designed for most retail investors.  It is difficult to manage a complete OS as well.  I have decided to shift gears and go with a client server model.  I should have more information for everyone within a month or so. 


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