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In need of a short term loan

Started by Peter, April 02, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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Hi my name Outworld and i'm looking for a short-term loan in the amount of $9,000. I live in Charlotte NC my credit score is not good (520) but i can repay this back quickly. I had a car accident last year and was out of work 3 months ( which i was not paid) but my my job was retained. I  work for a technology company and have been employed there for over 15 years. i also have a part-time job as well (4 years and current). I need to pay off some bills that im behind on. I'm also married with 2 childern. My wife is a full time worker too. I have 401k but my company will only allow one loan from it at a time. I currently have a loan which is why i'm seeking the $9,000 to pay it off. Once I repay the $9,000 I will have access to take out a new loan in my 401k. which i will use to payback my investor plus the interest. The entire process takes less then 3 weeks from start to finish ( I've done this before and can provide references). If you are willing to take a chance on me I will provide you with access to my 401k site so you van review how much is there and how the loan process works. I'm also willing to do a 3-way call with my retirement company so you can verify how much i can withdraw, how soon I can take the new loan, and how long it will take for them to cut the new check. I will also offer proof of residency, current pay check stubs and bank statements. this a win win for us both. I get to payoff my bills and you get your money back plus interest in less than a month!!! Im open to negotiate any rate that you may charge me. 
Thank you for reading. 


Number [1] Am I to understand that you are trying to take out a loan just so you can borrow even MORE money?  Why does this sound like a very bad idea?
Number [2] If you are now working again, please explain the reason you need to borrow more money.
Number [3] You say the loan will be repaid in 3 weeks.  Why do you think this is a good thing for a lender?  We want interest, and there's no real interest that can be made in 3 weeks.  Quick payoffs are a bad thing.
Number [4] Please briefly explain why lenders should commit their limited $ to help to fund your loan?     
Number [5] Why do you have such an unusual name?

Advance thanks for FIVE answers that will help other lenders, and myself, to make a informed decision. Lender 505570 U S Marine Corps RETIRED, Virginia Bch, VA Sunday 03.09.2014

New Jersey Guy

 My THREE questions are: QUESTION ONE: Does your Gross $ Monthly Income include spouse, fiancee, partner? If not included, what is household's Gross $ Monthly Income? Or Gross $ Yearly Income? (FYI: Borrower who submitted application is income established initial eligibility. After funded, borrower income qualifies promissory note that must be issued. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y no cosigners. But does permit another's income to help repay your unsecured personal loans.) QUESTION TWO: All loans feature NO prepayment penalty. You initially selected 3-week loan repayment length. Time you realistically anticapte to service loan (active status) before is paid off: Full term: 3-weeks? or Short term (number days please): 2-3 days? 1-2 days? < 24 hrs.?  No intention to pay the loan at all, default inevitable? QUESTION THREE: All loans won't 100 pct fund. When listing expires, IF loan 60 pct PLUS funded, is eligible to be issued. Would you accept partial loan M-O-R-E than 60 pct funded? (Loans historically are minimum 80 pct funded; but usually end 90 pct funded.) (FYI: Partial, or 100 pct loan, APR identical. Required employment, optional income, verified early help loan quickly fund. Pace quickens when loan nears expiration date. Best option is FLEXIBLITY, because AON (ALL-OR-NONE) demand is rarely successful. If CC REFI, Debt Consolidation, Medical Expense, advantageous to accept 80 or 90 percent. fixed interest, term limited, partial loan to pay off higher APR interest debts. After 6-days current payments, you're automatically eligible relist unfunded $'s, or can list another loan purpose, $ amount. Partial loan reduces interest $'s paid majority of your more expensive APR pct debts. Partial loan is "Plan B" alternative that you should consider as backup option IF loan does not attract full 100 pct funding.)

Best wishes loan quickly funds. Lender 505570 U S Marine Corps Retired Va Bch VA


This is just like the good old days on LendingClub when you could ask borrowers questions and they even had time to answer.


First off I would like to take the time to say thank you to all of whom took the time to reply to my post. I will try to address some errors of concern for some of you.

To Mr. Core
1. Yes I'm trying to take out a loan to borrow even more money. (This is my money from my 401k) It is a loan against my own money that I have invested in my company. I will also repay this loan back to myself at a not so high interest rate bi weekly.

2. I need the money because I was out of work for almost 3 months and my disability insurance did not cover all my expenses. I was in a car accident and my car was wrecked badly $4,000 in damage of which my insurance company did not pay which I had to do out of pocket.

3. I could take longer to repay the loan back in order for the investor to make more interest on the loan. Although I thought that if an investor saw potential in the deal that we could come up with a ball park figure for the loan. That way the investor would receive his or her money back quickly and not have it tied up for a long period of time.

4. I'm not  here to beg or plead for money. Investors take risk in order to make money, if they see a potential deal that will net them a profit within what they can afford to invest then they will take it. My deal might not be good for everyone but someone may see it and decide it works for them. In the end I get what I need and the investor nets a profit.

5. That is not my real name. This is the first time I've posted anything such as this in a forum for many people to read. I did not know if this webiste was real or had a bunch of scammers here. So I did not want to devulge my real name until someone contacted me and needed information.

Sorry for the missed spelled words & grammer (Thought I ran spell check).


Amount funded: 0.00%:
C'mon guys, time's running out on this one!"> from: Outworld09 on March 10, 2014, 06:05:09 PM


Well I feel bad and will put in $200 either way.


Assuming a $900. return with late fee provisions,  you can count me in for 500.


I'm going to go get some popcorn going, this could be a good show." alt="8)" title="Cool" class="smiley" />

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