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Started by Peter, January 19, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

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I know price models have been discussed before, for example:,21586.0.html" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">,21586.0.html,4824.0.html" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">,4824.0.html,4849.0.html" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">,4849.0.html

And as Fred93 said at" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">
There's no reporting of transaction prices on Folio, so you have to discover for yourself what prices buyers will pay.

The fact that there is no transaction price data on the folio Marketplace is one of its greatest failings IMHO.  Whoever heard of a market with no historical price information?

I have sold enough notes that I could discover for myself what prices buyers will pay. But that involves a lot of clicking- My Account, Sold This Month, click on current, and write down the details. Is there not an API to get your sold notes, including the grade, interest rate, payments made, etc? Or a way to download it?


On the LC web site, go to the HOLDINGS page, then select NOTES.  At the bottom of the 1st page, there are two little links that download spreadsheets. 

Does one of these provide the information you are looking for?


Yes, the traded notes csv is exactly what I need. Don't know how I missed it. Thanks.

NEW LOANS:   | hitmonlee.eth 1.500 Ξ | 870.eth 2.500 Ξ | 804.eth 2.500 Ξ | ALL