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firefox vs loss estimates fields

Started by Peter, May 09, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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Thanks for your great work.

I'm having a problem on the nickelsteamroller site.  This problem appears only when I use Firefox, which is my normal browser.  (I'm using FF 29.0.1)

In lendingclub back testing, on the results options page, I'm having trouble with several of the "loss estimates" fields.  Specifically the top six fields don't work the same as the bottom three.

In the bottom three fields, I can click in the field, and its border lights up blue, and then I can type in the field.  In the top six fields, I click and nothing happens.  The border doesn't light up, and I can't type.

In IE on the other hand, all nine of these fields behave the same.


I observed more about this problem today. 

It is still 100% repeatable on computer #1, but I noticed that it does occur not on computer #2 !  Both running same version of Firefox, same version of Windows, etc.

In other words, on computer #1, using firefox 29.0.1, those top six text boxes in the "loss estimates" column never get focus, and I can't type in them.

On computer #2, using same firefox 29.0.1, on same web site, all the text boxes work fine.

I thought maybe I had a plugin that was causing some trouble, so I restarted firefox in safe mode.  No change! 

I  thought perhaps my firefox profile was corrupted, so I created a 2nd one.  Starting firefox with the 2nd profile same problem.

Before y'all say this is obviously a local problem, because it happens on one computer and not another, note that this only occurs on the web site and no other, so that idea is symmetrical. 

Is there anything different about the first 6 text boxes in that column that could possibly explain this?

Anyone ever see such a problem?


I know, you all think I'm crazy.

I rebooted tonite (for a different reason).  Still had the problem after reboot.

Here's another symptom:  The cursor. 

When I move the mouse cursor into some of the boxes (the bottom three) in the loss estimates column, the cursor changes from the arrow to the I-beam, as you would expect.  However, when I move the mouse cursor into one of the top six boxes in that column, the cursors STAYS an arrow!  Thus you can see that there's a difference even before you try to click.  (That is you can see this if you're on my computer that observes this problem.  If you're on my other computer, you can't see this, and I have no idea what you see on your computer.)

This is a more-strange-than-usual web problem.


Hey Fred,

I use firefox and can't recreate you problem. I am using a version downloaded a few weeks ago so try the updated version.


I can't recreate it on every computer either.  Some do some don't.  Most unusual.

The problem occurs in every version of firefox.


Firefox is my primary browser and I can't recreate the problem either.

I did notice an amazing coincidence though.  If you select the "analytics" menu item, it covers up the first handful of loss estimate boxes.  So it is possible your browser is not properly rendering the menu in its hidden state over the loss estimate boxes and is preventing you from clicking them.  I don't know if you have some sort of plugin that could be mangling the javascript/css interaction and preventing this from working right on your box?  I haven't found any other machine that does this, and it is all third party javascript in use by a lot of people...


I can not reproduce either, but I would definitely double check your NOSCRIPT, love that handy add on, but it can definitely be troublesome.
On a sidenote, I have absolutely been looking for a battery for my quadcopter, glad now I know where to go. 

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