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Web Picks Going Away

Started by Peter, June 17, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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LendingClub loans are getting funded within seconds and P2P-Picks subscribers who access our picks using the web page more often than not experience too many delays to have a good user experience. So, over the coming weeks, we will be deprecating the web publication front end and all of our picks will be available exclusively through our API. This will reduce costs on our end (from serving up so many web pages as user madly refresh pages trying to find the exact second picks are published) and it will also be faster and allow for more automation. Currently we have a partnership with BlueVestment to serve up our picks and are seeking additional partnerships with Nickel Steamroller, Orchard, NoteX360, and other private developers. If you would like to make a DIY solution, please inquire.


I only used the interface to purchase when when BV was not working for one reason or another.

The real sad part of this going away is that it let me see the notes that were in Profit Maximizer and then I could look at some of the columns (%, grade) to double check if BV was working as expected!" alt=":'(" title="Cry" class="smiley" /> - "trust but verify" as we like to say.

Wondering if it is possible to give summary information?  Summary counts for C 5%, C 10%, C 25%, D 5%, etc.  That may be straightforward and fast. People won't be hyper refreshing so they can purchase.

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