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Prosper Picks Active

Started by Peter, June 28, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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P2P-Picks added a credit model for Prosper with two publications:

  • Profit Maximizer (Top 15%) -- B, C, D, and E loans
  • Loss Minimizer (Top 15%) -- AA and A loans

We elected not to publish a "Top" grading scale for Prosper until such time as the marketplace's fractional loan volume supports that decision. Both credit models pick a handful of loans each release.

These publications are available exclusively via our API (recall that the web interface for our publications is going away in very short order). We are actively pursuing third-party order management systems to integrate with our API for Prosper and LendingClub.

Buying on Prosper is a little different than LendingClub. Prosper releases fractional loans slowly over a 1-hour period on the following scheduled starting times (most loans come within the first few minutes of the hour). Our systems continuously download the listings, score them, and update our API. PMax picks appear to move quickly (with a number of 10% chunks being bought by institutions). LMin picks stick around much longer, although some 10% chunks are being purchased.

Monday - Friday: 9am and 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12pm

I am building a portfolio using the Loss Minimizer publication. Today I bought my first loan fraction.



This is very exciting news!  I can't imagine the effort you had to put into this but the diversification will be great!


Hallelujah!  I have been waiting for this for some time.  Thanks Bryce!

Now if BlueVestment or LendingRobot would pick up your Prosper API...then I would be a happy camper indeed.


I think there will be something pretty soon. It's running! Bought into two more loans this morning. It's unfortunate that webpage delivery won't fly, but that's the reality. Nobody will want to sit at their terminal for an hour clicking refresh to see if there's a new hit. Automation is a necessity with Prosper.


Bryce, just confirming that you will be getting back into Lending Club with P2P-Picks at some time in the future? I really miss your service.


As soon as LendingClub synchs its automated methods of "seeing" the loan data with the web releases, we will turn those publications back on. Trust me, I miss it, too. I have ~5% of my portfolio in cash now and need to get it working again.


Good work Bryce. I know the p2p lending community appreciates all your ground breaking work here.
Publisher of the Lend Academy blog

See my returns here:


Anxiously awaiting the day when BlueVestment supports P2P-Picks' Prosper API.

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