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Top 5, 10, 15????

Started by Peter, December 04, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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Hey all,

I am wondering if you can share your "top percentage" that you use with both PM and LM when you use Bryce's picks?

For PM, I tend to use the top 5% and I am not getting many notes. So, I am reaching out to see what you all use and what kind of results you get." alt=":)" title="Smiley" class="smiley" />

Thanks - Ray


I use Top 5% on PMax, D/E only. Sometimes I go through a drought where I might get 1 note all day. However, in recent days, volume has been very good.


Thanks for the quick reply Bryce!

Do you do anything with C notes? I typically will not buy any F notes as I have not had very good luck with them.

Also, if you do any LM, are you top 5 there too? Or, do you give a little more here, such as top 10%?

Just curious.

Thanks, Ray


I have just started using LMin. And have been using PMax for 4ish months.

I use 5, 10, and 25 depending on how much cash I have I want invested and what I want my "asset allocation balance" to be between LM (A/B) and PM (C/D/E). You don't have to buy them all in a few days.  ie. moving $500 for a deposit in a month is like an average of 15 per day.


I'm investing for my brother who's more conservative than me. I started him off with LM Top 5% and PM Top 5%. Then I noticed LM purchases were far outpacing PM purchases so I loosened the PM reins to Top 10%. Purchases are still skewed towards A and B loans but not as much as before.


Wow - thanks for all of the feedback!

I am currently doing top 5% PM and top 10% LM, may change the LM to top 5%....



Next time, if you add a few more question marks to your title, we might reply even faster!





Hey guys, I am going to bring this back up...

Currently, I am going for the top 5% in both PM and LM, but i am only getting LM notes. Seems as of late, the PM notes are few and far between at this level.

So, where are you all these days on the "%" factor? I am considering 10% PM and sticking with 5% LM.

Thanks guys for any feedback.


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