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Interactive Tableau Dashboard for LC Raw Data

Started by Peter, March 23, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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So after downloading raw LC data and putting it in Tableau, I have begun creating interesting tables that help find relationships between many of the variables.  In addition, this should help create better filters for finding better loans to invest in.

The dashboard is posted on Tableau Public for everyone to use." class="bbc_link" target="_blank">
**bold**I appreciate feedback on improvements!!!!**bold**
If you haven't used a Tableau dashboard before, everything is interactive. If you click on a grade in the grade table, all other tables will automatically filter for what you're looking for. It's a little slow after clicking, but it works.

Compared to NSR, I am using a more complete formula for ROI:
([Interest received to date]+[Post charge off gross recovery]-[Service Fee]-[Collection Recovery Fee]-[Loss Estimate]) / ([Interest received to date]/[Interest Rate])
This takes into account recoveries after charge off and detrimental collection fees.

I haven't pulled in the pre-2012 data, but will do so soon. One idea I have for the dashboard is to remove all other information except ROI. It will allow many other variables to be populated on one dashboard. Thoughts?


Very nice. 

Has anyone tried uploading the data to the IBM Watson free trial?



This is awesome, thank you!

Have you considered adding FICO score and Home Ownership?  Those are two filters that immediately jumped to my mind.  Either way, thanks!



Definitely. I have been using home ownership as almost a first pass filter for everything.
For FICO score, i was planning on creating a linear regression and seeing what the R-squared is compared to ROI.


Seems like loan type should be one of the variables you choose to get the stats


What do you mean type? The purpose variable is there on the left.


All, dashboard has been updated with FICO score, home ownership, and ROI color grading.


Outstanding!" alt=":D" title="Cheesy" class="smiley" />




I really like this.

Does Tableau allow users to easily look at multi-variable returns? For example, E loans with DTI between 10 and 35%?


I don't know what it is called in tableu.  But the variables you choose that then adjust the population for all the statistics shown.  So when you click a specific loan type, all the boxes only show data for those selected loans.  It'd be similiar to your "length variable"

Also, the # of loans with >10 years work experience seems a little high.  I'd make sure something isn't accidentally mapped there besides the +10 years 


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