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Seeking a Business Loan with excellent return

Started by Peter, December 09, 2014, 11:00:00 PM

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Good day potential investors,
My name is Barry Carlin and I am the developer and President of Best Performance Systems.
Best Performance Systems (BPS) is a unique technology that solves a problem that many businesses have, costly work related injuries, often in the top 4-5 of expense items. After years of failed attempts, most do not believe it can be solved.

BPS has a 100% success rate since 1995, and we average a 50-90% injury cost reduction.
We can provide a list of recent past clients, and contacts to verify the value we provide. Clients save from$1 to 5 Million in the first year. And the results are sustainable for years.

2013 was a good year, with $423,000 in business, and we have a system that can handle 5-8 times that business without sacrificing quality.
2014 began strong, but has had slow income in the last 6 months, with multiple projects in development. We expect several projects to close and pay in January and/or February. Our average charge for a project is $50,000 to $140,000, and our average client has 1000 workers.
We are a strong and growing company.
We have a temporary cash flow problem.
Because of a divorce, I, the owner, have poor credit and can not get a traditional loan, so we are reaching out to investors who can look at the realistic value of our company. We are happy to pay more than a standard interest.
We seek $30,000

There are 2 primary reasons BPS is seeking financing.

Until now a key employee and I are doing all the sales, with decent results. The problem is we are both involved in delivery of product, so we cannot apply the time to be most effective in sales, especially regular follow up with prospects.
We will develop a full time dedicated sales department. We are exploring if that will be sales employees or a professional sales organization.
Whichever it is, a large portion of their compensation will be commission based, but to have top quality professionals, there will be regular compensation.

We can provide a sheet of clients we are in advanced proposal status. This  "Projected Income 2015", demonstrates a great deal of business in our funnel and the projected income each will provide.  We require working capital to keep the business functioning until at least one closes. Due to the great success we have had, we are speaking at large events in the first Quarter of 2015 on making companies more profitable through our system. The audience are decision making buyers and include "The international Hilton Safety Director Conference", "The International Ergonomics Conference"", "The California Police Chiefs Association" and the "Golf Course Maintenance Supervisor Association", representing 200 golf courses.

With the funding that we are requesting, there will be a significant growth making your investment secure and profitable. Please evaluate our website at" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> and contact me directly at [email protected] or 310-980-0502
Thank you for your consideration
Dr. Barry Carlin


Just disclose your account numbers here. I'm sure many people will be more than willing to loan you money once you do that.

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