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Two Quick Questions regarding PLS behavior

Started by Peter, September 20, 2015, 11:00:00 PM

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1. Say I change my maintain cash level from $300 (current) to $500. How does the program decide how to price/markdown notes? Is there a way to set the max discount?

2. I've recently started buying in grace period and 31-120 day late notes as part of a more aggressive investment strategy, will PLS mess with these?

Thanks in Advance,


1)  There is no price markdown or discount of notes.  I am not sure  exactly what you mean by this question, but the dollar amount for the "Investment Amount per Note" field is the amount invested in each new note regardless of any other field.  The "Minimum Cash Level" field essentially disables investing until your account exceeds the minimum cash level + investment amount per note.  It basically allows you to keep a certain level of cash in your account.

2)  PLS does not sell notes.   Nor does it purchase on foliofn.  It will only add new notes to your portfolio.

Hope that answers your questions,

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