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Multiple Accounts Possible?

Started by Peter, January 11, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Can multiple instances of PLS be run within Virtual Box?

I have a regular account and love PLS. Just opened a Roth IRA account and LC required different email and login. So I'm looking for how to have PLS automate the investing in both accounts.



Glad you like PLS.  Yes, you can run multiple instances of PLS within VB.  Keep in mind that both instances will poll LC at the same standard times.  If you run too many instances, LC won't be happy about the additional load on their servers.  I haven't heard of any complaints from LC regarding 2 instances running at the same time.  Although I have heard of 3rd party sites that have got in trouble for too much load in the past...

Unfortunately, PLS does not have the ability to run multiple accounts in the same instance.  So, running multiple instances with different users is the only option for multiple accounts.



Thanks for the quick response. Running two instances should serve me fine.

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