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⭕️ How US investors can access the best P2P lending in Europe

Started by Peter, February 28, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

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Most European P2P platforms require investors to have a EUR 🇪🇺 bank account.

I have found that investors from all over the world (with a few exceptions) can invest in any case by opening a Revolut, Payoneer or Transferwise account securely.

I know US P2P lending yields are low, too low in most cases, so US investors do look to European P2Ps.

Here is the list of the P2P I like the most lately:

✔️ Mintos 11% (because it is the biggest and still pays up to 11%)

✔️ Bondora 13% (because it is old and reliable so far. They also accept ordinary credit cards)

✔️ Estateguru 12% (because it is one of the most transparent real estate crowdfunding I have found so far. Its loans are secured by real estate)

✔️ Flender 10% (because it is a bit different from the other in this list but also registered in Ireland)

✔️ Trine 7% (because they allow me to invest in solar projects and sometimes even provide a government guarantee that I like)

✔️ Bridgecrowd 11% (because it is located in the UK and its loans are secured by real estate)

Here is the full list if anybody is interested:

I consider p2p a potentially risky practice, so if loan interest rates were to fall below 6% I think I would move towards other investments.


I used Transferwise and was able to get set up on Estate Guru

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