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1247 new loans dropped

Started by Peter, July 13, 2016, 11:00:00 PM

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Man, where did this tsunami come from?  Can't be end of quarter push.  Any ideas?  Hopefully sign things are back to normal, so long as they get funded in reasonable time.


I saw roughly 2250 loans drop at 6pm. Never seen an order so large on my automated system. $5400 order of $50 notes. All "A" grades, which is great. I had been running a bit too high on B notes.


I suspect they are having to be more careful about direct mail campaigns and other customer acquisition methods. So it may be they saw enough available cash that they decided to send out offers. Good development regardless

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It is completely ordinary to see an occasional dump of loans that is 10x bigger than other recent dumps.  This does not indicate some change in behavior, policy, etc.


the 7/14 18:00 release was about 2300 loans, 96% of which were accepted between 7/6 to 7/14 (about 200 per day). I am not sure why these loans were held back to be released in one batch on 7/14. Also strange was 40% of these loans were A loans, 20% B, 20% C, & 10% D. A's are usually not that high (A5 was the highest frequency, followed by A4 and A1). I have not really tracked A1 loans, but it seems unusual to have A1s in the top 3 (i guess they found a whole new source of loans). About 67% of these loans are funded to date. About 50% of A loans and 50% of B loans are funded to date and 100% of the C & D loans. This release appears to be targeted for the new money bonus investment deadline of 7/15 perhaps giving everyone a chance who moved money between 7/6 and 7/15 for the deadline to load up on A/B loans. Perhaps best to have the new influx of money go into A loans rather than C loans. So if you are into A1 loans, it was xmas.

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