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Spike in IGP this month?

Started by Peter, January 12, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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I'm seeing a spike in IGP this month. Anyone else seeing the same thing?


Definitely. Xmas overspending?



Not so far, but November was really bad for me.


Guess I am not the norm, my account is in the best shape it has been since I started.


Yep, I'm feeling the spike in new nonpayments, which for me happened in late December. Now that those are hitting the Late (16-30) mark right now, the percentage of notes in that category have jumped from about .5% to nearly 1%. Its been painful to watch.


My "Adjustment for Past-Due Notes" has grown by 15% since 31 Dec. Capital base has been stable for a few months.

Rob L

My "Adjustment for Past Due Notes" has grown by 14% since 31 Dec with stable principal invested.
However, interestingly IGP =-23%, Late 16 - 30 days = +37%, Late 31 - 120 days = +9.6%.
Could be the effects of my fall selling spree are still showing up in my numbers. Needless to say I don't like what I see.


Yep, my total adjusted late has jumped 20% since December 31st.  What is with that?


October and November were horrid for me (worst credit months since 2009) but December and January both improved from the prior low base (still under the last 3 year credit average but better than the last two months. 


I stated above that December was my best month, but things have turned.  A week ago I had 0 IGP.  Today I have 11.  Would say half are on payment plans at least.  Lots of misguided XMAS spending I am hoping. 
My furnace is going along with this trend and having issues too." alt=":(" title="Sad" class="smiley" />


Now that it's being mentioned, it looks like mine have shot up as well. 42 IGP right now, above normal for me

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