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Coding Bootcamp Student Seeking $3,500 Loan (interest negotiable)

Started by Peter, April 04, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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My name is Bob. I am a current student living in Brooklyn.

I am looking for one or more investors to obtain my goal of $3,500 to keep myself afloat over the next 6-8 weeks while I finish my Full Stack Web Development certification in Ruby on Rails with React. I want this to be a mutually beneficial exchange, so I deliberately neglected to specify an interest amount, but I can be flexible.

I am a computer programming student in a non-traditional online school called, offered by Flatiron School located in FIDI. I am over 75% finished with this program but am almost out of the pot of funding I raised prior to starting. I am doing quite well and will likely not have any trouble at all obtaining a job that will pay fairly well ($60,000+) within a couple weeks of graduation.

I have recently begun riding postmates for financial support, but problems with my bicycle, prepaid postmates card, and lower than quoted payouts are preventing this from being a legitimate solution on its own. It is also putting me in a bad spot trying to work 40+ hours a week doing postmates while in school due to the cost of tuition for school ($800/mo.) as the more I work the less I can study and the longer this negative financial cycle continues.

My living expenses come to approximately $1200/month, plus school tuition of $800/mo. means I need about $2000 each month. I am currently coming up short of $2000 working postmates full-time and falling behind in my studies.

I have very little to my credit history, but the few things I do have are not positive. Because of this I have not been successful in acquiring a small loan from the numerous resources online.

**A note on the above^ - My girlfriend and mom are nice enough and willing to be included in this as a reassurance in case a lender is worried I will not be able to start making payments when they are due. This will hopefully ensure legitimacy and security.

I have begun fundraisers on a couple popular crowdfunding websites as well, which I will provide via email if interested. In some of those listings, I chose to declare an interest rate. Please don't let this be alarming if it feels inconsistent or not worth it, these are different modes of financial acquisition, based on benevolence, which is why

Generosity:" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">
GoFundMe:" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this and to those that were willing and generous enough to donate to my graduation/employment cause!

Rob L

So, Mom & girlfriend apply for a $3750 joint loan from Lending Club (there is an origination fee), then lend you the money and you make their payments (hopefully plus an extra bit to them for going the extra mile for you). That should work.

Best of luck with your education and future employment! As you probably know Ruby is now 17th in the top programming languages by employer demand, falling from 9th last year. Top remains SQL with Java, Python and JavaScript now rounding out the top 4. Learn C# and you'll have a long term job with a Fortune 500 company (joined at the hip with .NET and Microsoft). Once you know one language it's easy to pick up more so do just that and then take a job paying $120k. Of course if you are in the Bay area that would be $200k but then again who can afford to live there.


Rob, you are most definitely correct that that would work and I have proposed that idea to them but they declined. They (mostly mom) have helped me initially (that is largely where my starting pot of funds came from, plus my savings) and due to this, they want me to pursue this on my own at all costs. According to them, this is mine to figure out, but because they believe in me, they are willing to help me in the capacity I mentioned.

As far as Ruby's popularity, I am aware of its decline:/ but it is the main language of the bootcamp, which was personally my best option both in time efficiency and financial feasibility. I have christmas gifts - C#, Node.js, AngularJS, PHP, and Java courses from Udemy - waiting for me post-graduation (on my own time while working of course) so that I can move into the more in-demand languages!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!


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