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Borrower Installment Debt - How Much is Student Loans?

Started by Peter, December 31, 2017, 11:00:00 PM

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Hi all,  I've been shying away from borrowers with more than 100k in non mortgage installment debt.    But I think in certain professions that this might be ok, if the debt is due to student loans and the borrower has a high income.   Do any of you know if it is possible to see how much in from student loans with Lending Club data?

Edward Reid

Many student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. I assume that would give other loans lower precedence, and thus might be a negative factor.

I doubt there's any way to tell, but I don't know.



Here's a thought but I haven't been able to look at the data yet.  Most student loans are installments and there is a lot of them.  Yet typically student loans are deferred until graduation or some other time period after graduation.  So I would imagine a borrower with a high number of installments (num_il_tl) that are not openly active (open_act_il).  Perhaps take the ratio of open_act_il to num_il_tl and look for low ratios.


Great idea, Thanks Larry.   I wish LC would just let us know which % was student loans.   In some professions they are a necessary evil and I would like to differentiate them from loans resulting from luxury cars, other P2P loans and wanton consumer spending.


There is a lot more bureau data that can be summarized from the bureau reports.  Lending Club is only revealing a select number which is probably for cost reasons or for data storage.  Yes it would be nice to get more bureau data.  There is also some very good alternative data that would be available to LC such as payday loans, title loans, and public records that the standard bureaus do not capture.

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