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RealtyShares annual summary issues?

Started by Peter, February 05, 2018, 11:00:00 PM

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RealtyShares released a "Personalized Annual Summary" recently and then Quickly took it offline and sent an email asking anyone who downloaded to delete it. 

It seemed very strange, did anyone download it before it was taken offline?  I'm concerned there may have been a data breech of some sort.

Sam Richards

Thank you for the info! I was thinking about investing in them. Does anybody know any other good property crowdfunding platforms?

Daniel Baksley

Realty Shares? I heard they have collapsed. Is that true?


RealtyShares announced that they were unable to accept new investors and would not be able to secure new VC funding and would stop offering new deals. The reason behind the closure of RealtyShares is that they were unable to secure additional capital, as a result, they had to shut down the company and they fired most of their staff.

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