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What percentage of LC loans are made available to retail investors at the start?

Started by Peter, March 27, 2018, 11:00:00 PM

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LC says they randomly allocate to retail and institutional investors, but they don't say how much. Anybody have a clue? I'm quite tired of seeing maybe only 50-75 loans available when there use to be thousands. Is LC basically telling retail investors to drop dead?


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Rob L

LC does have something of a small problem here. If they first offer a loan on the retail platform and even a single note is sold then the loan is retail forever; then LC has to fund any residual unfunded loan amount (or they just let it go partially and/or completely unfunded and receive no origination fees). Of course if the loan is "approved" then LC has to make up any shortfall, period. Much safer for LC to make loans available as whole, then offer the unsold / reject  loans to the retail platform. Caveat; I am biased and no longer buy LC loans offered on the retail platform. I think LC figures we should be very happy at 3% ROI no matter how much risk we incur. I think a lot of things ...


What is the number of new loans that would be considered good?  100 a day? 200? 1,000?
Do any of you have cash in your LC account that you won't invest because the amount of new loans isn't meeting your requirements (be it for volume or quality reasons)?

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