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Trouble with /foliofn/notesRawData.action

Started by Peter, January 27, 2018, 11:00:00 PM

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Hi, first time post.. From the Folio Browse Notes page, I can set my filters and "Download Search Results". That works fine. Now I want to do the same thing programatically using" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">, but I get a "page does not exist" web page instead of the data I expect.

As Fred93 said (,2231.15.html" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">,2231.15.html), you have to be logged in. Well I'm logged in with Chrome, Firefox, and IE, but it still doesn't work.

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!


Thanks for the overview, Fred93. It's working now with screen scraping, and I'll ask LC for the updated API docs as an alternate approach. The fact that the new API endpoint does not have filters doesn't bother me too much, as I've been working with SecondaryMarketAllNotes.csv so far, and can process that pretty fast.



When you say endpoint, do you mean the link for downloading the csv file or is there now a true endpoint?

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I have been downloading the full CSV download of secondary notes, but of late I have been seeing that LC has been throttling that full CSV download. For example yesterday from 5 PM EST - past midnight, it was taking me +1 hour to down the CSV file. This would normally take about 10 seconds.

So this morning I attempted using the API to download the secondary notes and the data does not have the ORDER id. Without the ORDER ID you cannot buy a note. you need the note , loan and order IDs.
Anyone else seeing the same thing?


I saw the same thing with the API- no Order ID, so it's worthless. I emailed them a week ago and they said they would forward my concerns.

Also I don't think you could pre-populate a database to look up the missing Order ID, as the Order ID was just assigned at the time the note was offered for sale (like one second or one hour ago). I'm not sure about that though.


They updated the folio API a year ago, but have never posted the update to the web site.

Ask them to post the updated API doc from a year ago.


Fred93, maybe we're missing something. I have the Word document 'Lending Club Secondary Market APIs Documentation.docx'. The Word properties say it was last modified 1/12/2018. Section 1 is the 'Listings' API, partially copied below. But it doesn't return the Order ID, so we don't see the value. (Sounds like you've gotten it to work though" alt=";)" title="Wink" class="smiley" />)


1. Listings

This subresource allows an investor to see the Notes currently listed on the secondary market.

Operation: GET

URL:" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

Query Parameters

Name   Type   Optional   Description
updatedSince   Integer   Yes   Filter listings to include only ones that were modified/created within the last X minutes.



Fred93, thank you for being super-clear. By 'the new endpoint', I thought we were only talking about the 'Listings' endpoint shown above. I didn't notice that the new API documentation (whether from 2017 or 2018) also includes a new corresponding 'Buy' endpoint which does not require the Order ID.

(So when I complained to them a week ago, they should have told me 'RTFM, you don't need the Order ID anymore'. But no...)


It is typical that when you speak with LC the front line folks don't know anything about your question.

Good to see you made it thru the maze.  Sorry to see another competitor tho.  The secondary market is damned competitive. 


Yeah. they have the new documentation on the site now.
Its at >  LC > Foliofn > My Account > look for "Folio API Documentation Pages" (at the bottom of the page)
Sadly to say that the new api does not work.... at least for me. It gives me the dreaded "Internal server error"" alt=";D" title="Grin" class="smiley" />

The earlier APIs work fine, for now (with the order ID) so I hope they do not force us in time, to use the new APIs.

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