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Invitation to Box account

Started by Peter, July 17, 2018, 11:00:00 PM

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Just checked my email and saw that I had an invitation from an Lending Club employee to a box account that was titled "[name] and [name] Rights of Survivorship" with no other communication.  I "verified" the name of the individual who shared this on LinkedIn and see that they are listed as  Software Engineer from LendingClub. 

No, I did not click on the link. 

I'm going to reach out to them now but was wondering if anyone else received something similar.  I'm also wondering why are my legal documents being shared in this way without any prior communication.


Good question.  That sounds ominous to me.  It will be interesting to hear their explanation--please post back!


I reached out to them and they said that the engineers sent out the box invitation before the general communication.  Two hours later, there was an email stating that I need to resupply "documents to verify information provided to us during account opening."

They want me to fill out, again, the Joint Account Application form and upload images of our IDs to the box.

Since I've been systematically shutting down this joint account, I'm going to try and hurry that process and just close the account all together.

I'm not happy about this way of dealing with personal data. 


I got email from Lending Club asking me to verify information on my account and an email to set up Box account to upload documents.  I missed the first notification because I don't log in to this email account associated with Lending Club as often as I should. The second notification had a deadline to respond or they would restrict access to my account.  So I got the Box account set up and loaded up the documents this weekend.  Will see what happens then.  I have been winding down my account since mid 2016 and still have $5,000 worth of notes left.  Here is the email they sent me:

Final reminder: Action required on your account.
Account ending in:   XXXXXXXXX

Hello LendingClub Investor,

We're reaching out with a final reminder regarding your account. As part of our ongoing effort to know our customers and fulfill our customer due diligence obligation, we periodically ask our customers to verify and update information regarding their accounts. Part of this effort includes collecting documents to verify information provided to us during account opening.

We take your privacy seriously, so we ask that you not send us any information requested below by email. Rather, we have established a secure portal for our customers to upload documents.

For your trust account, please submit the following:

A completed Trust Account Application packet
A copy of your ID
If the address on the photo ID does not match the application, a valid proof of address will be required (e.g. utility bill in your name)
A copy of an ID for all acting trustees
If the address on the photo ID does not match the application, a valid proof of address will be required (e.g. utility bill in the name of your co-trustee)
A completed W9 found in the Trust Account Application

You will receive an email today from LendingClub Investor Services inviting you to Box, our secure investor upload center. Please follow the link and create your Box account to quickly and securely upload your documents.
Once we review your documents, we'll email a confirmation to you, usually within 3-5 business days. We'll get in touch with you if we have any more questions or need additional information.

Thank you for your understanding. Please note, if we are unable to retrieve the necessary information to verify the account on file by Tuesday, August 28th, 2018, access to the account will be restricted. You will be unable to login, however, we will set you up on recurring withdrawals so that you receive any principal and interest payments that are made to your account. We will also set you up with monthly duplicate statements so that you have a record of your account activity.

If you have any questions about our request for additional information or if you would like to confirm the authenticity of the request, please feel free to contact us at the email address or phone number below.

Best regards,
We're here to help
Call our Investor Services team at (888) 596-3159
Email us at [email protected].
71 Stevenson St, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94109

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