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Loan funding help

Started by Peter, March 04, 2019, 11:00:00 PM

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Good morning everybody now that I know the status of my lending club loan I'm now asking if there is any investors on this message board help me complete my funding on my on loan I'm very responsible and trying to get everything in order for my family in the future it should help greatly I do appreciate the members who helped me with the status if my loan cuz lending club like to run everybody in circles sometimes with questions lol and I have to say this is a great community it's not only ask but also to help and give information and learn information from so any help this greatly appreciate I appreciate y'all taking the time to read this and I appreciate y'all in the Future

Loan # : 147960968
89% funded
Amount: 30,000
Funded so far: $27,150
To be funded: $2,850
Reason consolidate all debts on me and my wife.
Outcome : better future in 3 years time (plan ready to set in motion and Hoping to start a business etc)

Thanks for your help and consideration



Updated post and thread!

Thanks for the update! Much appreciated


Updated post. Almost there only 5025 more to go!

Thanks everyone who has helped so far!



Thank you everyone for everyone's help it was funded today and it said it would be deposited soon!


Glad to hear that!  Congratulations!


NEW LOANS:   | greninja.eth 0.800 Ξ | 981.eth 3.000 Ξ | 190.eth 3.000 Ξ | ALL