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How Can Prosper Improve for Investors?

Started by Peter, February 06, 2012, 11:00:00 PM

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We are interested in knowing how we can improve for investors.  What suggestions do you have to improve your experience on Prosper? 

Let us know.

Glenn G. Millar


"My Account" page should show total investment, so you don't have to add notes + cash + pending.

"Browse Listings" and  page should allow sorting by column headers.

"Search Results" should have more columns, to allow sorting by levels, ie, Level 1 = Yield, Level 2 = Term, Level 3 = Rating, etc.


The biggest improvement I would like to see is an email or SMS notification service where Prosper can let me know if a new loan that meets one of my saved searches has come on to the platform. Sometimes loans I am interested in are fully funded before I get the chance to bid thanks to the large institutional guys like worth-blanket2 snapping up the lion's share of the loan.

One other things I would like to see is improvements to your performance and statistics section. A Lendstats-type utility should be part of the offering here.
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Thanks for the posts! On the Instant Transfer request, that one we can change right away and you'll be happy to note that we just reduced the minimum from $500 to $25 effective right now! We had originally set $500 as the minimum to ensure we didn't get too many bounced deposits, but the experience has been pretty good to date so we'll reduce the minimum to $25 and watch the results. Btw, I agree with the need, almost all my bids are made after instant transfers - which I love. Thanks for the feedback to enable this feature more broadly. Enjoy!


Another small suggestion.  Would it be possible to put an identifier next to the cash back listings?  A star or note. 

Currently the only way to know if certain loans are cashback, is to click on your cashback link.  I then have to go through each loan 1 by 1 to see if they meet my criteria.

When I do a search for my investment criteria, it would be helpful to know which ones are cashback loans.  Combined with the new instant transfers (which I greatly appreciate), this would also make investing choices easier and more frequent.

Thank you



Another idea:

Peter had a blog column about a friend of his investing her first $5k in huge chunks (like $500-$1k per loan).  I know it's impossible to know
whether this behavior is from someone who plans to begin investing $5k per week or month or the like, but some kind of popup when users,
say, have an account balance of $5000 and then plop down bids that are greater than 5% or so of their total account value, reminding them
about the benefits of diversification, might be nice - and forestall any bad feelings against the platform by those who make such a mistake...

I realize that gets tricky, with instant xfers, and not necessarily having a useful denominator to look at, to gauge diversfication - and also not
having a crystal ball to know whether $1k or so bids per loan might still provide statistically meaningful diversification if the investors intends
deployment of $100k+ or so - but, maybe just target it to new investors or for the first five bids someone makes, if they are disproportionate.

I know this stuff exists in other parts of the site, but, something at point of bidding, much like how you used to pop up a warning when a bid,
under the old auction model, was significantly under the expected historical return for loans with similar credit characteristics, might be good.

Not everyone has a friend like Peter, who understands the need to diversify in p2p - but, then again, maybe Peter's friend is just an anomaly.
Anyway, just me worrying about people going away mad, when, if they'd do it right, they'd stick around and make themselves some dough...
Publisher of the Lend Academy blog

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Would a smartphone application be too costly to develop? With loans going quickly these days, I find myself not by a computer to log in before the good loans get snatched up. The mobile browser is ok, but an app would make things much easier and quicker. Just a thought.

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