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Started by Peter, April 24, 2013, 11:00:00 PM

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Ey guys n gals

Yesterday my account balance was a few dollars more than today. However, nothing happened in my account that was negative, in fact it was positive yet balance went down. No loss, late etc. nothing in account activity either that would indicate a drop..... Very strange


Yeah, I've noticed this too ... I think it's because when a note becomes due, they will subtract the accrued interest for those notes from your account total at some point before it posts to cash.  It seems like there is 24 hour lag between the time the note is posted as "paid" (and the accrued interest adjusts down), and the time the cash is posted.  Did you have notes post as "paid" today?

New Jersey Guy

They send that extra cash to me.
Thanks guys!



It's not always a "paid off" issue.  I tried to attached some screen shots because I have one today that's in that exact situation.  This note was due 4/22, the payment posted today on the note's info screen, the accrued interest set back to $0.03 (4 days interest), but the cash has not posted yet, so my account shows $0.22 less right now than it did this morning.  When the cash updates, it will be back to normal. 

In the attached images below, the first shows the note that paid today.  The second shows my portfolio view (the top note), which still shows $0.00 received, and the accrued interest set back to $0.03.  The negative $0.22 difference in my account total is my interest for the note ($0.21) and the $0.01 service fee. 

Lending club has a weird way of doing things, but it always seems to catch up and be accurate by the next day.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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